Monday, November 29, 2010

Knitting Report

Thanksgiving was enjoyable. We had a wonderful time at the big table, and the kids' table was giggly most of the way through. The one grandson is, I think, going to have trouble getting a word in with three granddaughters, but he appeared to be taking it well. By mid-afternoon, the small ones were getting grouchy and tired, so everyone piled into carseats for a nap on the way home. At least, I hope for the sake of their parents that they napped!

Because of circumstances, our Thanksgiving was somewhat rushed. This year we are having our Christmas celebration on January 1, so we should have all morning for the children to play before naptime sets in.

In the extreme quiet after everyone left, I burst into knitting mode. I still have one grandchild sweater to finish and their 4 Christmas ornaments to knit. I also have Christmas sewing to do, but since my sewing room has sort of peripheral heating, I will wait for warmer weather than the 14 degree low we are due for tomorrow.


Pam said...

Your Wonderful Wallaby is looking great. You're a fast knitter!

Panhandle Jane said...

I have motivation! This is the 3-year-old who insisted on having her sleeves rolled up yesterday so she could get her hands into the stuffing and help mix it, gooey stuff and all. When she saw that I was only 1/2 way up the pocket, she announced that she was going to finish knitting it. Her sweater is the last of the 4, so I know she's impatient!