Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mid-Afternoon, No Knitting, In a Funk!

I have not yet knitted for the day. In fact, I've done little other than finish reading a novel--Alafair Burke's 212, an excellent ebook read for mystery lovers.

Why the funk?

  • I'm behind on some things I wanted to get done here at the house, out of procrastination and laziness, mostly. So of course, I'm not working on them today either.
  • I goofed up yesterday. When I retired, I naturally lost some of my organizational framework and systems. For example, my Blackberry now lives in my garage in the front seat of my car. It goes in my pocket only when I leave the house for some reason, and in a tiny town like this, most of the time it doesn't go in my pocket even then. My texting speed has dropped sharply. I have switched to google calendar, and I am synched with my son's calendar and my daughter's so that I can tell when I have things to do with the grandchildren. Hey, there's a reason I retired! Last week I received an invitation to the retirement "do" of a good friend. I opened the envelope in the car, read it, and when I went into the house, I added the date and time to my calendar, complete with a 12 hour reminder. All of that worked beautifully. Unfortunately, I posted the event to Nov. 2 when it should have been Nov. 1. I did not discover my error until I saw comments on Facebook last night! Fie!
  • With the change to the lovely fall weather, and it is indeed beautiful, the rapid temp fluctuations have increased some aches and pains that have caught me unawares. Nothing major, just enough to give me the blahs.

I have also succumbed to temptation to dress my Sony Pocket Reader. I was going to be minimalist about this "extra" reader, bought on the cheap to read epubs and pdfs. I bought the minimal Sony lighted cover and got a good price on it. I hate it--passionately! It is too thin to provide good screen protection. The light comes out at an angle that makes me feel as if someone is poking a finger in my face. If I adjust it otherwise, it does not go a good job of lighting the screen. The Sony is somewhat heavier and differently balanced than the Kindle and the reach to the central page turn button is a stretch for my short fingers. This cover is made like the cover of a book and means that only my right hand is in a position to turn pages. I checked this morning, and M-edge had their leather platform covers on sale for $15 for this discontinued model. I added the M-edge light as well. Now I can hold the book with either hand without a loose cover flap flopping on the left, the screen will have better protection, I hope the light will be better, and I can prop the book like an easel for reading when both hands are busy or when reading on my side in bed. Just for fun, I got a beautiful, showy blue cover.

Scary--if you have sinuses, a humidifier of some sort is almost a necessity here for the heating season. We had a big one, but our hard water eventually ruins the floats and everything, and we have to change the wicks so often that operation gets expensive. Besides, lugging those big tanks of water is heavy. I replaced the dead one with a couple of smaller ultrasonic type units. These look like big water drops--made by the same company that makes the frog and the panda and some others like that. I am most pleased. In fact, since we are just turning on the heat, I'm just getting ready to start unit #2. The other one is in our bedroom area. I am being faithful in cleaning the unit regularly. The first week I used the bleach method, but this week I decided to go with white vinegar because of hard water buildup. I cleaned out and rinsed the base and wiped the nebulizer with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar, as per instructions. Then I rinsed. I filled the tank with water--1 gallon--and added the 1 TEASPOON of vinegar that it called for. I was not pouring it on a deposit of mineral, just adding it to the water, a whole gallon of water. I could actually hear the fizz. I find that a lot scary. How high is the mineral content of our water? Anyway, what I paid for these two units is about what I was spending on wicks for the former humidifier, so if these get us through the winter without a bunch of sinus headaches and infections, I will consider it money well-spent. If they make two winters, we're in profit mode!

Late afternoon update--Laundry in progress; Wallaby pouch pocket started and about 1/2 completed thanks to an episode of A Touch of Frost.

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