Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pajama Day!

Do you know there's actually a group for Pajama Days on Ravelry?

Today is one of those autumn days when you can tell a weather change is coming. I slept a little bit late, and I had every intention of bouncing up for a day of varied activities. Then I sat down "just" to attach the sleeves to the sweater. A while later, I was ready to figure out the decreases to the Seamless Saddle Shoulder Sweater. With the actual garment in front of me and a copy of EZ's Knitting without Tears in hand, the directions actually made sense. After leftovers for lunch, I put on another episode of A Touch of Frost and made amazing progress through one set of decreases and halfway through the second set. I have made myself stop so that I won't make my shoulder sore. Tomorrow is my quilting group, and I do not have any quilting as of yet, so it will be my first outing for my Namaste Everyday Bag, filled with KWT, needles, sweater, and assorted knitting equipment + of course, an extra project just in case. With a little bit of luck and no mistakes, I can probably finish tomorrow. :-) Right now, I'm going to change clothes and sneak to the Tasty Cream for a Diet Dr. Pepper, complete with Tasty Cream ice. (In Texas, ice is a food group, and theirs is fantastic.)

I also got an e-mail from Webs that my yarn is shipping. I saw a wrap in the Levenger catalog, of all places, that I am planning to make for myself. I ordered the bulky Plymouth Encore Tweed in just about the same blue as the sweater I have completed. I have some g-normous oak buttons coming from etsy. Since it uses size 10 1/2 needles, it should go very quickly. I will be knitting a sweater at the same time, but since this will be my 4th bottom-up stockinette sweater on 7s and 8s, switching off occasionally will be good. The pattern I'm using is on Ravelry as the Three-Way Wrap. I am modifying it slightly to make it more like the one in the catalog--non-rolling edges, longer length, bigger buttons. Not that I could afford the cashmere yarn right now, but I plan to use this as a go-to wrap for errand running and other casual pursuits, so I wanted something more easy care, although I will have to be careful of my buttons.

I also took a few minutes this morning to finish an ebook--Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris, the 4th in the Harper Connelly series. I've really enjoyed this series, but I understand this is the last book, and that is probably correct because all ongoing loose ends were tied up satisfactorily. This was a second try at this novel for me. I had it as an audiobook awhile back but broke the MP3 player midway through the novel. I plan to explore the Lily Bard series and the Amanda? Teagarden series by the same author, who is most famous for her Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels. I absolutely detest vampire novels and movies of any sort. I forced myself through the Twilight series awhile back, but only because I thought it was a have to. So I won't be reading those.

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