Sunday, November 07, 2010

Two Finished Objects

OK, it's probably cheating to call a book an object, particularly an audiobook, but I just finished listening to the audiobook of the new Jack Reacher novel, Worth Dying For. It was a download from the Free Library of Philadelphia. Many fans of Reacher seemed to feel that the last Reacher novel was somewhat off track--I did not particularly share that opinion--but this one is right back in the Reacher tradition. I must admit that the reader who reads these novels is also outstanding, and his performance always contributes to my enjoyment.

This is probably cheating, too, but the first sleeve is finished. See that little bit of leftover yarn? That was the end of the ball. Not only that, but I finished exactly as the audiobook ended. Surely this is some sort of planetary alignment thing, but all I can think of is that it is the beginning of Standard Time today. I know it looks long and skinny, but that is appropriate. I did not taper the sleeve since this is for a young child.

Those were the good things, in addition to the first stew of the season for lunch today. I'm getting ready to have another bowl for supper, and then put leftovers in containers to freeze for later. This was actually cowboy stew, made with stew meat and cans of other ingredients and cooked in the crockpot. I suppose this is cheating when I could use "real" veggies, but for some reason my DH and I find that this kind of stew does not give us indigestion the way the other kind does. When you reach a certain age, this becomes important. This is the original recipe, from a friend of mine named Jo:
2 lb. meat
2 cans minestrone soup
2 cans Ranch Style Beans
2 cans Rotel tomatoes (I use one Rotel, one plain diced)
1 can hominy
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can French style green beans
1 onion, chopped
This does a bigger crockpot. For our smaller one, I use less meat, 1 can of soup, and 1 can of beans. If you are short one ingredient, just substitute something else. If I have some leftover already cooked vegetables of one kind or another, I just stick them in as well. You can put this on in the morning on low, and it will be ready when you come in from work. The liquid from all the cans is plenty. I have eaten Jo's when it is made with venison, and it is delicious.
On the down side, my electric blanket died, and I think I'm getting a cold.
I also managed to download a podcast catcher today that does a good job of transferring them to my Sansa Clip. I never found itunes satisfactory. I am now using MediaMonkey, so I am back in business with Brenda Dayne and David Reidy.

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