Sunday, November 21, 2010

Very Plain Knitting!

A progress picture of the Three Way Wrap, Modified. You can see the borders that I added, as well as the one detail, a buttonhole. After doing a bindoff buttonhole as specified in the pattern, I single-crocheted the edges to make it a little bit firmer. The buttonhole is still not as attractive as I would like, but great big buttonholes seldom are, even in a sewn garment. I suspect that's why large coat buttonholes were traditionally bound.

This pattern is an easy knit, I love the yarn, and I like the way it is turning out now that I have added the borders and changed needles. However, as a "rest" project from a string of plain stockinette sweaters, this is not a good choice. I can't imagine why I thought it would be. I'm laying it aside temporarily to start the ribbing for the next Wonderful Wallaby, and I plan to alternate between the two until they are both finished. Then I have a second sock to do--lace--that should get my mind back in gear.

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Deb said...

Button holes are a knitting skill that I have not mastered. Mine always look sloppy and too loose. Some day when I have time, I think I will spend an afternoon knitting swatches of buttonholes!