Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day

My hubby and I observed Veteran's Day, actually more than one day, by watching some of the newly released World War II color footage. This afternoon, we watched footage of the Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge. The narration is by Gary Sinese, and the series is on the History Channel.

I almost finished the sweater. The percentages failed me toward the end because the neck opening was clearly too small for a child. I ripped back and made it larger. All the knitting is finished and all the weaving of ends except for grafting one underarm and sewing those little circles at the end of the other underarm. I am generally pleased, although there is one spot that I had to fudge just a little bit. I hope it fits. It is rather difficult knitting without someone around to try it on.

I will finish in the morning and give the sweater a bath and lay it out to dry and make pictures. One note--Encore Tweed is just a little bit less smooth--reasonably so--to knit with than the regular Encore. I was using my wooden Harmony needles. There was one more "join" because of the metal cap on the wooden needle and the points are also sharper than the metal. Little hairs kept getting caught and slowing me down a bit. It would be exaggerating to say "splitty"--these were almost too small to see. I should have used metal tips, but I decided to stick with what I had swatched with.

We did take time out for a drive and lunch at Red Lobster in Clovis. We are expecting a winter weather front for the weekend. For many years, we have gone out for lunch on Saturdays. Now that we are retired, that is a hard habit to break, but we are discovering that there are many more lunch specials available on weekdays, so we went today, both for price and to beat the weather. The drawback was that I have felt like it is Saturday for the rest of the day! Now I can cozy up into a warm bed in my winter nightie with the thought that I do not have to face driving to work (not really a problem) and then walking on an icy sidewalk (definitely a problem) in the morning and perhaps scraping ice in the afternoon. The firewood cart is filled and in the back room so we can start the woodstove in the morning and be toasty if the cold weather materializes.

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