Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Artfully Posed Wallaby

I was tired of the starfish-like blocking pictures. This is the Wonderful Wallaby for the youngest granddaughter. The color is reasonably accurate--Plymouth Encore 1034, ordered from Webs. I am aware that I probably overdo including color and yarn info, but for those of us out here with no local yarn shops, any data that we get about sources, quality, colors, feel and durability of yarn is valuable information. You will notice that the sweater seems proportionately long. That is on purpose. This year it will be one of those longer sweaters that come to mid-thigh and look cute over leggings. There is extra length in the sleeves with tighter ribbing to allow for grow room also. The spot was from the camera, not on the sweater. I photoshopped a repair, but did not get it quite good enough.

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Knittinreed said...

What a geautiful little Wallaby! I love the color and your artful posing :-)