Saturday, December 18, 2010


We are not having our family Christmas celebration with children and grandchildren until Jan. 1st this year, so I still have some time to finish many holiday tasks. I still have some sewing to do, a little bit of odd bits of shopping, and some general getting ready. The meal will be a combination of Christmas and a Southern New Year's Dinner with ham and black-eyed peas. After using the china at Thanksgiving, we are going all out with paper plates and plastic tablecloths for a quick dinner that will give us time for gift opening and enjoying the children enjoying their gifts.

Before then, though, I have to do serious grocery shopping. Not so much for the holiday meal as for general restocking. I have deliberately run things down to almost nothing in my pantry so that I can replace it all with fresh items. In the last week or so, we have had some very "creative" meals. I think I will try to make a daily grocery run during the next week to stock up on quantities of one or two items at a time. It's less exhausting that way. After I have the pantry done, I need to do much the same thing with our freezer.

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