Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EBook Recommendations

This book is not exactly new, but it is by an author that I had overlooked. I was an early Patricia Cornwell fan, but I have become disenchanted with her more recent books, probably because characters that I had liked have become very unappealing. I think I may have discovered a replacement. Jefferson Bass is actually two people, one the actual founder of "The Body Farm," the famous facility at the University of Tennesse, and the other a media/fiction writer person. The cooperative nature of the writing did not detract from the suspense of the book. I walked around the house for hours holding my Sony Pocket Reader and booklight and stayed up until almost two in the morning to finish. Considering that I had stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse the night before, you know that I was riveted by the plot and the setting of the story.

I got this book as a free EPUB download from Books on Board. I got it there because I heard about it first through a feed from the blog Books on the Knob that lets me know what books are up free or at a vastly reduced price. Deleting the feeds that I'm not interested in every day is a bit of a nuisance, but I am also able to find some real jewels. I think that this book was also available for free on Kindle, but I had already signed up for the other source. I'm sure that this free book was intended as a promotion for other books by the same author, and in this case that promotion worked beautifully. I intend to buy a book as soon as I finish this review, probably on Kindle so that I can add it to my library in the cloud if I'm actually paying money for it.

Now I have to get dressed, run an errand or two, and come back to sew for the afternoon. I have downloaded an audiobook for the sewing session.
Edited to Add: I found 4 more books by this same author. I kindled one of them.

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