Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and a Knitting Connection

May you have a wonderful 2011!

I just had one of those knitting-connected moments. I am listening to this book

crescent dawn

While doing dinner preparation chores and finishing some 2010 knitting. I have been happily following the intricacies of Cussler’s usual improbable plot, which I always find to be so much fun. There are always little historical and geographical goodies thrown in. Some of this book is about the death of Lord Kitchener, who commanded British forces in World War I, at least for part of the time. Of course, my knitter ears picked up at the name and my internet generation curiosity could not be restrained, so I googled and found this blog entry. Yep, it’s THAT Kitchener all right! However, if you scroll down, the really interesting part of this entry is in the comments, particularly the ones by Of Troy.

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