Friday, December 03, 2010

Imaginary Knitting Content

Actually, the knitting content is real, but the photo is imaginary. The second sleeve--plain stockinette--is completed. If your imagination needs help, you can scroll down a post or so. The second sleeve looks just like the first sleeve. In truth, that is saying something. I was in a hurry, so of course, I messed up. First I knitted the entire ribbing part with the wrong number of cast on stitches. Frog. Then I got the right number of stitches but twisted the joining and didn't notice for a couple of rows. Frog. After that, things went swimmingly until I had knitted 10 of the 12 inches and noticed not one but three mistakes a couple of inches down. I tried dropping down and repairing, but that just didn't look good, so I frogged down again to the 8 inch point and started up. Finally, I finished. The sleeves are now attached to the body with a couple of rows of knitting. Every time I do this, I realize how happy I am to have interchangeable circulars so that I can just screw on tips instead of having to shift stitches to needles from holders. I don't know what my problem is with sleeves. I love knitting socks, and a sleeve is just a sock without a heel and kitchener. I never seem to suffer from second sock syndrome, but the second sleeve is always a killer. Perhaps it's because I know it's just a prelude to more knitting to follow or something. Note: my ribbing, knitted in the combination style, is looking better all the time. At least I feel something is improving.

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