Thursday, December 02, 2010

It Must Be Love. . . .

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary. I googled for appropriate art, but anything for 33 years looked like it was for old people, and surely that couldn't be us! (That reminds me that in my mother's last years she got really picky about changes. Her purse was absolutely worn out, so my DD and I hunted and found a new purse exactly like her old one, except it was new. She rejected it entirely, saying that it was an old woman's purse and she wasn't going to have anything like that. It was just like her existing handbag, and she was in her nineties.)

Yesterday we celebrated by going out for Japanese food, and by going on a weekday, we had the little room with the grill all to ourselves! Today I'm making homemade chili. Life is good!

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Sandy said...

Congratulations. You are very lucky.