Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Checking In

  • All purchased/completed Christmas presents are wrapped and tagged (I used to leave the tags off just to frustrate people, but with 4 grandchildren, that's an impossibility.) and will be under the tree as soon as I move the vacuum cleaner.
  • The ham for Christmas Dinner, which will actually be on New Year's Day, is in the freezer.
  • I am heating up my sewing room now for the other items I have to start and finish--2 sock monkeys with clothing and two wardrobes for 14" toddler dolls. We had a cold and windy spell for a few days that would have made heating that room a challenge and expensive. By this afternoon, the outside temp should be in the '60s around here, so things will be comfy. I have already loaded my MP3 player with a couple of audiobooks for marathon sewing sessions.
  • I need to finish the menu for the dinner.
  • Knitting--I've been working on dishcloths for a housewarming gift and intermittently knitting on my Three Way Wrap. I got in an assortment of some yarn colors from Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing, the Peaches and Creme people. In today's economic climate, I rather like the idea of knitting using yarn that is grown and manufactured in the U.S.A. (If it were manufactured in Texas, it would be even better, of course.)

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