Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rhinoplasty and Oral Surgery and a Book

While assembling, I am listening to an audiobook by an author who is new to me--Ivan Doig. The novel is Dancing at the Rascal Fair. From the blurb on the library site, I was expecting a romance novel set in the West, but so far I have been absolutely entranced by the voice of the narrator, as distinct from the audiobook reader, a young Scotsman emigrating from a Scottish Lowland village to Montana at the end of the nineteenth century. Seeing America and the West through his eyes is fascinating. The audiobook reader is excellent as well. I can detect the beginnings of a romantic plot, but this book promises to be far more than the usual history/romance mix. Enough writing. I need to put my earbuds on and hit the sewing machine!

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Anonymous said...

Ivan Doig is one of my favorite writers! He uses the English language with a special kind of flair. His novel "Ride with me Mariah Montana" had me laughing, chuckling, getting the occasional tear in my eye. I've enjoyed everything he has written.