Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to Beginnings

Here’s an example of some beginner-looking yarn.  There’s a lot of thick and thin to it, but mostly there’s one ply that has much less twist than the other because that ply had relaxed over the year and a half it was just sitting on a bobbin.  The resulting two-ply reminds me of Lion Brand Homespun, a yarn that I’ve always hated knitting with.  At least this knits better.

I am absolutely determined that I am going to make something from this AND actually wear it.  The final yardage is slightly over 100 yards, so I looked hard for a pattern that would take unevenly spun yarn in that amount, and I came up with this one:


This is Kink from Knittyspin, designed for beginner yarn.  (The name of the pattern refers to its being suited for kinky yarn, not to the personality of the knitter.)  I like the asymmetrical effect and the way it uses a special button because I have a special wooden button that came as a lagniappe with a recent order.  I am not sure but what I will feel like an old Victorian lady sitting in my drawing room with six layers of velvet curtains and a glass dome full of wax flowers on the table, but I am going to give it a try because the colors in the yarn are pretty.  I have completed three pointy things worth already!

Next week, I’m getting out some mill ends of roving from the Sheepshed Studio and working on EVEN, both in size and twist until I get my technique going again.  I am back to inchworming and a little bit of supported short draw.  My long draw is gone completely.

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Deb said...

I'm not a spinner so I accept your comments about the quality of your spinning at face value! However, the color of the yarn is gorgeous, and I love the pattern you've chosen to knit. Looking forward to the finished collar. (I love your image of the Victorian lady in her parlor!)