Monday, January 31, 2011

Books and a Puzzlement

While knitting, spinning, and doing assorted household tasks, I’ve been listening to the various books in the FBI series by Catherine Coulter. I first read this author as a writer of historical romances, but these suspense novels--and there are several of them--are good listening. When some romance writers make the leap into suspense, they either remain too “romancy” or fail to develop any characters except the original romantic duo. That is not true of Coulter. These are not great literature, but they are entertaining listening or reading.

In the months since I’ve retired, I’ve rather avoided “Literature,” academic subjects, and the problems of teenagers. However, I can’t give up previous interests entirely. This pattern was mentioned on Knitter’s Review this morning. Later I discovered it is available as a Ravelry download as well. How cool is this? The first page of THE Beowulf manuscript in Anglo-Saxon (Old English) knitted into a pair of socks! You have to read both socks to finish the page, and since I don’t personally know anyone at the present time who actually reads Old English, knitting them seems to be an exercise in futility. But I need to work on my colorwork skills, sort of an unstated goal for this year, and what could be more perfect? And then my mind kind of moves on. . . . There are these mittens by Nanette Blanchard, available on Ravelry and Knit Picks, which contain the text of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” Could I make a matching pair of mittens for my Beowulf socks? I’ve never knitted mittens, but why should that stop me? I think it may be a curse.

Finishitupitis report—working on that last sock. Yesterday afternoon was spent with grandchildren and finishing a dish cloth.

I’m off to do another repeat of the sock lace pattern!

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Deb said...

Pretty cool, though I think I'll pass on knitting them. I loved reading Beowulf in high school, and loved it when my older son also enjoyed it too.