Friday, January 14, 2011


I wanted to lead this post with a graphic, but when I googled “knitting frustration,” I got picture after picture of finished projects, some with smiling knitters attached. Non-knitters just don’t get it, do they? Fortunately, yesterday’s post by the Yarn Harlot made me feel better. I took all my needed items, including stitch markers, to the quilting group meeting yesterday. I don’t have a quilting project at the moment and someone is always doing handwork. Although I am a marker person, I decided to knit using the purl stitches to mark the drop rows—on fingering weight, rather dark-colored yarn. I should have known better. Then on the increase rows, I got to going on the pattern without noting that the ending of each row was a little bit different. In short, today I have to frog back at least two complete repeats. I’m hoping to be able to stop at the end of the set up section so that I don’t have to reknit that as well. Of course, I didn’t put in a lifeline. I also didn’t have the sticky notes that I usually use to mark my way down the page.

Retirement note: As much as I am enjoying not teaching right now, I was still carrying my keys on a lanyard until last week when I took the car keys off to put the car in the shop. I still need to find a key ring of some sort, I suppose.

Today I have a to-do list of laundry, some bedroom box emptying, and SPINNING! We are eating our way through a refrigerator full of leftovers that we created at the beginning of the week, so I won’t have much cooking to do.

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