Friday, January 28, 2011

It Must Be Catching

I notice that the Yarn Harlot’s post for today discusses Finishitupitis. I think I have also been struck. I decided day before yesterday to finish some projects that I have on needles before I proceed with the Clapotis. The first one of those was my Three Way Wrap, begun last October. Here is the finished result. The yarn is Plymouth Encore Chunky Tweed in Medium Blue. The buttons are oak, made by The Hickory Tree from Etsy. I like the way that the rustic buttons complement the rustic look of the yarn, which is actually very soft after its blocking bath.

Changes to the pattern:

  • I am more than ample in size, so I added about 8” in length to the pattern. I kept the distance to the buttonhole and to the first button the same, so that the extra went into the “around me” part of the garment.
  • I did not want to deal with the rolling stockinette edges. I think they look lovely on the cashmere in the original pattern, but I didn’t like the way I thought they would look on the tweed, so I added a five stich garter edge and hem. That did indeed take care of rolling edges, but wherever the wrap is draped in a curve the garter edge folds under. At least it is a sharper fold. Sigh!
  • I sort of followed the directions for the buttonhole, but I added a single crochet edge to keep it from being so stretchy, since the buttons are so big. When I saw the Tulip Buttonhole information on Knitter’s Review, I wished, but not hard enough to rip out a foot of wrap to get back to the buttonhole. The big buttons completely cover it. I changed the placement of the buttonhole from the edge so that the center of the buttons would be just a little less than even with the inner edge of the hole. I learned that from sewing.
  • Attaching buttons. I wish these buttons had BIG holes so that I could have used the chunky yarn and tied them on in a primitive-looking way, but they didn’t. I considered having my DH drill bigger holes, but I worried about splitting the wood drilling into the end of the grain. If I order any more buttons from this supplier, I may ask them to make bigger holes. I sewed them on with needle and thread after placing a small four-hole button on the wrong side of the wrap. I sewed through the holes of both buttons so that the weight of the buttons is carried by the buttons rather than the yarn of the wrap and so that sewing thread will not have a tendency to cut through the yarn. The inner buttons are a fairly good match for the yarn color.

I like the way this wrap feels, and I like the color and the buttons. I think I will enjoy wearing it as a “go to” garment instead of a jacket or coat for trips to the store and around town. I absolutely detest a winter coat/seatbelt combination, and I’m fortunate to live in a climate where that is not a necessity very often, and even then trips from car to building are so short here in town that I usually just dress warmly and go for it. I studied the various ways knitters are wearing the wrap on Ravelry. I am sure I will not wear it with the panache that some have, but I think I’ll look as good as the others. Be warned, though, that this pattern is an extremely boring knit. In spite of being knit from chunky yarn, it seems to go on forever. It is great, however, for knitting when you want your attention on something else. Even if you make a mistake, it is extremely easy to drop down and pick it up. I will not say that I won't make another one if I like this one, but not right now.

The next project to finish is a pair of socks from July. Sock one was all finished except for the kitchenered toe. I finished that this afternoon and cast on for Sock two.


Milly said...

That is gorgeous!

YesterUkes said...

Just discovered pour blog via the mystery group on Ravelry. Read the post about your DH not feeling well first. When I read this title, I thought it meant you had caught his bug! Glad it was about knitting. Love the wrap!

Deb said...

I left a comment at Ravelry, but I really like this. I'd love to see it "on" because I'm also really ample and have a hard time visualizing how things look from photos of less ample folk! I just finished a vest I started 2 years ago. I need to get a photo of it. I tried yesterday but I need a photo assistant to shoot the photo.