Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kink-y Knitting

Well, after a couple of days of knitting at every available moment, including while watching Shutter Island, 3 episodes of Murder, She Wrote, and listening to the major parts of two audiobooks, I finished knitting Kink. I had thought—wrongly—that this would be a quickie-knit. After all, the distance around one’s neck is not very far. Of course, I did not allow for the fact that the distance around the neck is the INSIDE of the circle; the circle itself is bigger by a significant factor and is a little bit slower to knit from the handspun than from perfectly smooth commercial yarn. In addition, the circle is made using short rows, with wrap and turn.

I added the crocheted loop for the button, not the button I had planned because it is too big. Then I soaked the finished item in Soak for about an hour, squeezed it with a towel, and pinned it out according to the instructions on my blocking board. I am emphasizing “according to the instructions” because left on my own, I would have chosen a circular shape, as I noticed a number of people on Ravelry did. The directions, however, specified a U, and so a U it is. If you look closely, you will see that the YO holes on different points are different sizes and the same is true of some of the lacy parts between the short rows and the I cord edge that will be around the neck. That is a factor of the unevenness of the thick and thin yarn. I do, however, like the texture that the less-than-perfect yarn gives to the finished object. When it is dry, I will decide on placement and sew on the button. Then I will try to get up the nerve to wear it. I’ve actually joined a Ravelry group that encourages the wearing of one’s handknits. It is good to know that I finally finished something for myself after a rather long dry spell. Speaking of dry spell, I'm heading out for Happy Hour at the Sonic--Diet Sprite, here I come!

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Really, really pretty!