Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Marpling Has a Hitch

Two days into my plan to Miss Marple my way through finishing a wrap, I’ve hit a hitch--or two. First of all, even though the Roku shows 2 DVDs from Netflix, not all of the episodes on each DVD are available for watching. When this happens, I think it has something to do with legalities not worked out for Instant Watch yet. There are not enough episodes of Miss Marple available to finish my project. That’s a pity because I really liked the word “marpling.” However, I can finish out with episodes of Murder She Wrote, even if that choice doesn’t produce a good word for the process.

Furthermore, and this is a good thing, my DH looked at the scarves I was packing for Special Olympics yesterday and said, “I’d really like to have one of those things.” This is from a man who waited almost two years before actually wearing the wool socks I knit for him and who is just now really into the felted clogs in retirement. I dug around in my stash/leftovers and came up with leftover balls of the Plymouth Encore Tweed in Denim that I used for my grandson’s sweater. The washability will be a plus for what DH wants to wear the scarf for, and the yarn is suitably masculine and very soft. However, it is the same color as my Three Way Wrap from the Chunky. If we happen to appear at the same time, we are definitely going to be one of those color-coordinated elderly couples that you see places and think you will never be. So my knitting time yesterday was devoted to six inches of “guy” scarf in the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Handspun Scarf pattern. I am making the scarf two repeats wider as well.

I’ve also knitted a stack of dishcloths for a friend with a new house. These will go into the mail this week as well. The yarn is Peaches and Crème, an American made product. I’m not really much of a yarn snob, and I use yarn and needles from all over the world, but it is nice to know that I’m contributing to jobs for American workers now and then. The colors are Red (no kidding) and Fiesta. The pattern is the One Bump Dishcloth, available on Ravelry.

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Deb said...

While you are attempting to "marple" I'm "midsomering." I'm working my way through the Midsomer Murders series as I knit. I can't watch instantly because of our dial up internet speed, so my progress is slow!