Sunday, January 02, 2011

Reflections for the New Year

Note:  This is my second post using Windows Live Writer to compose.  It really is easier, Boo!  That’s to my daughter, who recommended trying this about a year ago—I’m a little bit slow sometimes! 

First of all, I want to thank Barb Cooper of So the Thing Is Blog for today’s post.  I needed to hear this in regard to my own life.

Over on the Knitter’s Review Forum, there has been a real tribute going on for a few months to Fran, who left all of us knitters a real treasury of helpfulness and an example of courage when she passed away this past year.  One of her techniques that came up again this week was her idea of working on stalled projects for 10 minutes a day.  Most of us have found that this works admirably, particularly when you have several stalled WIPs.  I am determined to experiment with my own variation of a system.  I have had a couple of not-very-interesting-to-knit projects going recently—you know what I mean, row-after-row of stockinette.  Necessary to connect the more interesting parts together, but boring to knit.  This kind of knitting can be a relief after a particularly intricate project, but sometimes it can also seem that the rows add up very, very slowly.  We now have a Roku box which enables us to watch Netflix videos and some other items on our tv via our DSL line.  We’ve enjoyed the movies, but a real surprise has been watching old-and-loved tv series or new-to-us television series from Britain and Australia straight through.  I knitted my Special Olympics scarves this past couple of weeks to an audiobook and an episode of Miss Marple.  I am still working on the extended stockinette of the Three Way Wrap, and I have plenty of Miss Marple left to go.  One episode pretty much uses up my limit of straight knitting time for the day without aggravating my shoulder.  I can squeeze in a few random rows of something else in addition, here and there.  I’m going to see if I can Marple my way through to the end of this project!

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