Sunday, January 23, 2011

Romance Review

When I’m in a quirky mood, nothing is as amusing as the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovitch; however, I had not read any of her other books until this one: wife for hireWife for Hire, a rather nice little romance novel using one of the standard romance-type plots, but imbued with Evanovitch’s trademark sense of humor. It is not great literature, but it has moments that raise it above the ordinary fare, and it is able to do it without the pages and pages of rather explicit sex scenes that seem to be regarded as a necessity in much romantic fiction today. This is pure romantic fiction. The hero, Hank, is neither darkly mysterious nor fabulously wealthy. Pages are not devoted to describing his rippled muscles. Maggie, the heroine, is a little uncertain of herself and looking to make a change in her life. It is a good entertaining read. I downloaded and read the ePUB version from the Free Library of Philadelphia. I mention this in order to comment on one of the quirks of reading electronically. By now all of us are familiar with the tricks sometimes played by spell check in which one word is replaced by another and no one notices until it is too late. The same sorts of things can happen with electronic books, particularly when one resizes the font. My Sony Pocket Reader has a small screen, so I usually go one size up to reach the font size of most paperbacks. This zooming resets the page formatting somewhat. It can also make interesting word changes that go right past spell checking. It does slow down reading a romance novel if the word “pleasure” is rendered as “plea sure,” every time it appears. Ditto for “red silk pan ties.” Nevertheless, the convenience of ereaders is definitely worth the quirks.

No knitting to report, other than that I’m working on a dishcloth and thus being reminded of the news about Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing. I really enjoy using their product and knowing that it represents American jobs for American workers. I can’t say that about every fiber product that I use, and I certainly mean no disrespect to Canada.

No spinning to report. I was so puzzled trying to figure out the edge question on my Kink that I forgot that Fridays were for spinning. I’ll have to catch up this week. I’m going to use some black and white Brown Sheep mill ends from Sheep Shed Studio. My spinning really needs skills practice for awhile before I move on.

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Robin said...

I love Evanovich's books! She's a hoot!