Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something New and Books to Review

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the chance to rhyme!

I am starting an Etsy shop. The button is in the right sidebar of this page. Right now, the shop contains only one item, but it is a beginning, and I’m sort of excited about it. At the very least, I’m having fun. I have a background in retail as well as in education, but I’ve never done anything on my own, and this is a way to try something with very little overhead and without being tied down to regular hours.

Now for the audiobook reviews. All three of these books are from the Free Library of Philadelphia’s OverDrive collection.

The first selmurder artistection is The Murder Artist, by John Case. This book is about one of a parent’s worst nightmares and how one uniquely qualified protagonist deals with the situation. The settings are interesting—everything from a Renaissance Faire near Washington, D.C., to coastal California, to Louisiana. In addition, you meet a wide array of secondary characters who add interest and local color. If the plot sometimes stretches the limits of belief a little bit, that’s ok. The audiobook is read by Dick Hill, who is always a treat to listen to.

The second and third books are the beginning of a series by Linda Castillo, a Texas writer. Both books are set in the Amish country of Ohio. The protagonist is Kate Burkholder, the police chief of a small town. She was raised Amish, but chose not to join the church when she reached adulthood. The novels, however, are very positive toward the Amish culture. These books are suspenseful mysteries and at times quite intense. I always think that one of the most difficult burkholder 1tasks for the author of a series is cueing in the reader of the later books to what he must know as burkholder 2background if he has not read the previous titles, without becoming unduly repetitive for the series-style reader. I think that Castillo has not yet quite worked this out, but, in truth, that is only a minor distraction. I will gladly await other novels in this series.

I have just begun listening to Water for Elephants. So far, it is as good as I had expected it to be from the reviews I have read. I understand a movie is coming out before too long.

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Deb said...

My library has both Linda Castillo books so I just placed a hold on them. I'm always looking for new authors! I used to live in Ohio not far from a fairly large Amish community. The Amish girls used to come into town to clean houses. AFter they finished work, they'd hang out at the Woolworth's with their stockings rolled down and their caps hanging down their backs. Sometimes they'd experiment with make up samples!