Monday, January 03, 2011

Still Life: Special Olympics Scarves with Vacuum Cord and without Grandchildren

On my “to do” list for the day of the Christmas Dinner was to get a picture of my grandchildren holding the Special Olympics scarves that I have ready to send. In all the excitement, I forgot. Here are the two lonely scarves

I always have mixed feelings about posting items I have knitted for charity because I am aware of the Biblical injunction not to do alms to be seen of men; however, I think it is important to spread the word that there are opportunities to help others with our knitting. This opportunity comes up each year, and it is our chance to help the Special Olympics be a little more like the other Olympics by giving each athlete and the helpers a chance to wear a unifying symbol of that year’s games.

The yarn is Coats and Clarks Red Heart Super Saver in Blue and Turquoise; the pattern on the left is a combination of an idea from the project web site and the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Handspun Scarf. The scarf on the right is my own made up pattern of sampler blocks.

Marple report: I used my “system” again last night. The project still seems to be moving slowly, but I’m enjoying the films.

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