Friday, February 25, 2011

Knitwear Sighting

From the soon-to-be-released Jane Eyre:

Check out the shawl. The ruffle reminds me of the Coquille Shawlette from Knitty, but this shawl appears to be garter stitch. I think it does have the curved back, though, from the tiny glimpse you get when she swings around. There is a better quality clip on the imdb site, but I couldn’t get it to embed. Alas, I should be looking at St. John Rivers, and instead I’m analyzing knitting.

The video should be embedded on Firefox, but you will have to click on the link to see it on IE. Sorry.

If you want to refresh your memory of the novel, the audiobook on Librivox read by Elizabeth Klett is outstanding--and free. Just download to your MP3 player or listen on your computer.

And, when I listed favorite historical romance writers the other day, I suppose I should have included both Charlotte and Emily Bronte and, of course, Jane Austen. Darcy and Rochester and, to some extent, Heathcliff, have set high marks. And Jane Eyre's and Lizzie Bennet's standards are exemplary.

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