Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Spinning Practice

This is definitely not the world’s most even spinning.  However, neither is it as uneven as the color mix makes it appear.  This is not one ply of white and one ply of black. The roving was mixed in long strips, and even though I tried, it was impossible to separate the colors accurately, so there is some solid black ply, some solid white ply, and a lot of various grades of mixed.  The spinning is still somewhat uneven, both because of my skill and because when the two colors were mixed, I found that the black, which was coarser and drier in feel, drafted out of my hand differently than the white.  That was easy to deal with when they were separate, but harder when they were together.  On the other hand, let me say that the white is incredibly east to spin, and the black is not far behind.  They are just different.  The fiber is some of the mill ends from Sheep Shed Studio.  Their service is great, the fiber is relatively inexpensive, and I recommend it highly for practice and for use. 
I also put a new brake line on my Ashford Traveller.  I use a two-spring setup, but the last fishing line I used was extremely fine, so much so that it was almost invisible.  I replaced it with a heavier line, and I think my spinning is much smoother.  The other must have been giving when I didn’t notice it. 

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