Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Series

My favorite entertainment reading genre is definitely the mystery/suspense novel in several of its variations, but like most women, I do enjoy a good romance now and then. Back at the first of the year, I read in someone’s on-line resolutions that she resolved to read at least one romance novel a month. That seemed like a resolution that would be easy to keep.secretssummer125h

I do have certain preferences for romances:

  • They must be reasonably well written. Leaving plot lines dangling is not acceptable.
  • The heroine must have spirit and must not be a nitwit.
  • The hero must be Darcy-like, not just a body.
  • There must be a goodly dose of humor, or humour, since I’m fond of British historicals.
  • The setting must be interesting and well researched.
  • The proportion of sex scenes to the rest of the book should be small.
  • I also have a few of the standard romance plot lines that I prefer to others.ithapautumn125

When I went looking for a romance to read in January, I came across the author Lisa Kleypas and her Wallflower series. The series was fun to listen to and to read. The first three books were available to me on audio; the last was available as an ebook. I still would not rate this author quite so high on my list as a couple of others that are my favorites, but I will definitely seek out more of her books. Note: This particular series should really be read in order—summer, autumn, winter, spring. (For those of you who rememberdevilinwinter125h the old Howdy Doody Show and Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, that should be easy.)

On the knitting front, I’m still knitting on the Hug Me Socks. I’m really enjoying the squishiness of the pattern. It will be hard to give these up to my dear DH. I’m going to knit a pair for myself, and I’m visualizing some grandchildren socks as well. Scandal125h

Spinning is still on hold, but getting closer. I think if I put a bandaid on that finger, all will be well. The internal soreness seems to be gone. I have also ordered a ruler handle for my quilting ruler so that perhaps I can avoid another rotary cutter accident.

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anncrafts said...

I took your advice and read the wallflower series (got them from the library all at once!) I really enjoyed them. So, do tell, what are some of your other favorite romance authors. One of my favorites is Mary Balogh.