Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Valentine Gift for my Hubby

These will not be ready on time; however, I would not have had the pattern if I had made them earlier, and I really like the way these socks are turning out. The first picture is a fairly accurate representation of the color. Ironically, this pic was made with flash.

This picture, in natural light, is too bluish,


but without the flash you can see the wafflely, ribby texture of the sock pattern. It is also wonderfully stretchy and will conform to the foot well. I recently joined the Six Sox KAL group on Yahoo. I became interested in them from reading Terry Morris’ blog, The Sailing Knitter (a wonderful read) and from finding patterns on Ravelry that I did not have access to because they belonged to the group. This will be my first pattern, and it is one of Terry’s designs. I plan to stick to the pattern except in the heel flap area. My DH has a very high instep, so I will add extra rows to the flap in order to make the gusset taller. The yarn is some Trekking that I had in my stash. I chose it because of the masculine colors and because of the yardage in the skein which should give me some comfort room for bigger socks.

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Anni said...

Love that yarn. My husband could do with some valentines socks but he won't be getting any. LOL. I need some before him. I may try and aim for a pair for his birthday in May. I may just about manage that.

Good luck with your socks.