Thursday, March 31, 2011

If you water it, it grows. . . .

Today I soaked my Clapotis to block it. This was a much more complicated procedure than it should have been. About 2 years ago, I happened to be with my husband in a welding supply shop, and I purchased, for a mere pittance, the stainless steel wires for lace blocking. I brought them home and put them away, and then proceeded to knit garter-stitch afghans and Wonderful Wallabies and socks for a long time. Long enough to have forgotten where I put those darn wires. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. So, this morning, I used cotton string and a needle to prepare the Clapotis for string blocking. (Thanks, Yarn Harlot, for your instructions.) Right after lunch, I put the Clapotis in to soak with a little Euclan. I just pinned it out. This is not particularly a hard blocking, and I went for shawl width rather than length in my stretching. It is pinned out across the length of the blocking board and to the bed on each end and then hangs down to the bottom of a rather thick mattress. That must make it about 8 feet! Width is 22 inches. I may have to rewet and pin out those ends separately after this much is dry, but crawling on the floor to pin out the entire piece is just beyond me. I hope this is not too long, but as I am more than ample in size, perhaps it will be just right.

Schedule check—The gas meter people came today instead of Tuesday.

OTN—a Jacques Cousteau hat in Shine Worsted for Hats for Sailors. If you are interested in the project, click on the button to the right. There is also a Ravelry group.

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