Monday, March 21, 2011

A Light-Hearted Mystery

KoalaThis is the second book in this series that I have listened to.  They are great entertainment.  On a light-to-serious scale, I would put them as more serious than Stephanie Plum but less serious than Agatha Christie, probably the closet equivalent would be the quilting mysteries of Earlene Fowler. 
The plotting in the book is very solid. 
The main characters that continue from one book to the next are becoming more well-developed.  The protagonist is Theodora “Teddy” Bentley, a thoroughly modern woman who works as a zookeeper even though she is a descendant of the primary founding family of the tiny and wealthy California town of Gunn’s Landing.  Her particular branch of the family has fallen on hard times because her father was a crook who got caught and fled the country.  He provided a secret account for Teddy and left her his boat.  Teddy, however, chooses to live mostly on her salary from the zoo and lives on the boat as an economy measure and for independence from her very overpowering mother.  There is also a blossoming romance between Teddy and the Sheriff, who was a high school sweetheart.  
As a side benefit, I am much better informed about Giant Anteaters and Koalas and somewhat better informed about a few other animals that enter into the story as other than the title animal. 
Of course, humor is a given when people are dealing with animals.  In this particular novel, zoo animals and a talk show host provide a laugh, as well as bringing back all those hilarious memories of Johnny Carson and the animals from the San Diego Zoo.
Audiobook downloaded courtesy of the Harrington Library Consortium through Friona Public Library.

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Deb said...

Another series I'll look for. I've enjoyed the Earlene Fowler books.