Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nostalgia Time

Dear Hubby and I were watching a lengthy fundraising effort on PBS the other night that featured clips of early rock and roll from the Ed Sullivan Show.  We were talking about how there are no more programs like that one on television right now that provide such a wide variety of programs for the public.  We can remember when a number of those shows were what we watched on our two or three channels.  Because the entire family watched, the variety shows made an effort to have something that appealed to everyone in the family. 
Then I went on YouTube hunting down a performance by Merle Hazard of Mason-Dixon Knitting fame if you’re a knitter or economist fame if you’re of that profession.  I am still trying to surface.  I find something interesting and those darn links on the right side just slide me over to something else.  Much of it has been a walk down memory lane. 
In keeping, however, with what Hubby and I were talking about, here’s a clip from a show that was required watching every week at our houses—the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show.  I’m including the link because of some uploading problems.
No knitting—I’m having to give my hand a rest.  I’ll post again soon “if the good Lord’s willin’, and the creek don’t rise.”

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