Saturday, March 19, 2011

Somewhat Scattered Saturday

I am just going to copy and paste my review of the new Preston and Child book, Gideon’s Sword, which became a great Clapotis aid yesterday.  I want to get a review out there since I feel this book is getting some bad reviews that it doesn’t deserve.  Often it seems to me that a book or movie gets bad reviews from someone because it is not what it was never supposed to be in the first place.
The information on this book says it is number one in the Gideon Crew series, and I certainly hope there are more books to follow.  I have seldom been disappointed by Preston and Child, and I was certainly entertained by this book.  Crew is an engaging protagonist, and he is not quite so hard to figure out as Pendergast in the Relic series.  I actually did not want the book to stop because there is more that I want to know about some of the situations that are obviously ongoing.  This book romps through a variety of settings and cultures, again making particularly good use of New York City, as Preston and Child have done in the past.  I certainly believe that this book is an auspicious beginning for a new series.  I could give you some very specific reasons in detail about things I liked, but that would be spoiling the book.
Just a note--I listened to the audiobook, which was well-performed.  I was able to put it on hold pre-publication with the Philadelphia Free Library, and I got it rather promptly after the book came out. has a good summary that is not a spoiler.  Basically, this is a good thriller, but if you expect Crew to be another Pendergast, you will be disappointed.  Crew is more an Everyman-type character.
Finally, here is a picture of the Clapotis, exactly 40% of it.  Unblocked, of course.

The color is reasonably accurate.  I did not get it draped so that the diagonal nature is apparent in this photo.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pattern, the rows of dropped stitches are on the bias, a design feature that gives movement and drape to the fabric.  You will also notice that the real knitter/bloggers have those fabulously artsy wicker or wrought-iron mannequins to display this sort of thing--I have a computer monitor.  However, I would not want to fail to include a glamour shot:
Now I need to make my second-ever Russian join and continue knitting.
Spring is finally arriving in all of its windy splendor.  At 9:30 a.m. yesterday, I drove in my driveway and noticed that my pear tree had a slight greenish tinge.  By noon today, it had leaves! 

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Deb said...

Gorgeous color on the clapotis. That's a project I will do someday...
I did see some bulb tips peeking out the ground, so maybe someday there will be flowers!