Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Bit of Knitting

I joined the Six Sox KAL on Yahoo recently because I kept favoriting their patterns on Ravelry and because I tend to get in a rut when knitting socks and felt that I needed to stretch my horizons somewhat. The first pair of sox was not exactly that kind of a stretch, but it was a wonderful pattern that I plan to use repeatedly in the future. The current bimonthly pair features a 12-stitch lace pattern and a picot top hem and an eye of partridge heel. I am adapting a little bit. I know that I need 64 stitches on a 2.5 mm needle for the best fit. Of course, 64 does not divide by 12. I finally decided that I would go with the 60 stitch option—72 would be too big, that fits my husband—because the lace will be extra stretchy. I plan on making the heel flap a little longer than suggested on the pattern because I know what fits me, and I can stop my gusset decreases to give a 64-stitch foot. I chose to use some yarn I had on hand, Maizy, in a Springtime colorway. This is a corn yarn that I have used before. I’ve been generally pleased with the way the socks have worn. However, I think I may have made a poor choice for this pattern because the color variation in the yarn does not show off the lace to best advantage. The holes show, but the intricate pattern of twisted stitches does not stand out.

The picot hem, however, was a revelation! Had I known it was this easy, I would have used it before. The top ribbing is always my least-favorite sock part.

Although I use Magic Loop, I never do two socks at a time because I don’t like keeping up with the two separate strands of working yarn. I confuse easily. Because I want to keep my lace mojo going on this pair, I quit knitting this sock at the heel flap, and I am starting the second sock on another circular needle. That way, I am doing two at a time in the sense of leg, leg, heel, heel, foot, foot, and I am getting the hard part over with quickly. This may never be my favorite pair of socks, but I will admit that I am learning new skills.

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MuddyPaws said...

What a lovely start! I was wondering how these would look in a varigated!
Dee (group buddy!)