Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I posted a picture earlier of the Spring Socks that I have on needles for the Six Sox KAL. I knit for both process and product. I joined this KAL because I think many of their patterns are beautiful and because I needed to stretch my skills instead of staying in the same old ruts. But the truth is, I don’t have any desire to knit socks that I won’t wear. Period. If I had no other knitting and the overwhelming desire to knit SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, maybe. However, I have a list of projects and some yarn right now that I desperately want to start. I did learn a picot edging from this sock pattern, but it is just “not me.” Because I am at nature a rule follower, I have been knitting them out of guilt. I quit! The yarn came last night for the beautiful mitered square blanket that I am making just for us. I had to wait months for it to go on sale. The pattern is ready to go and the box of yarn is sitting on the kitchen table. If there are consequences and I get kicked out of a KAL, so be it. I QUIT! Ribbit! (I have another project in mind for the sock yarn.)

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