Friday, June 10, 2011

Security Blanket

Today was it—we signed the papers, accepted the check, and turned over the keys to our retail business.  One chapter of our lives is over—another is beginning.  While we do have some sentimental feelings about the past, and while we probably saved entirely too many mementos—and tools—it actually feels pretty good.  The local economy is a worry, and while we both feel that we could have regrouped and readjusted and continued, we both lacked the desire to do that at our age. 

I had not knitted much for a couple of weeks because I strained my back doing some of the moving out, and I was pretty much just wallowing in my misery.  I suspect that much of the soreness was also due to tension since it seems to have disappeared after leaving the title company this morning.  However, in the last few days, I picked up the blanket again.  It is sometimes easy to forget how the rhythmic flow of knitting can soothe a tense and injured spirit.  A couple of squares a day got me through this experience.  I calculate that I am now 4/21 done with the blanket, if you don’t count the single crochet edging, but it is satisfying knitting that shows the progress that you are making square by square—perfect, in fact, for the remainder of the changes that we have ahead.  I won’t have much knitting time for awhile, but I can easily manage the couple of squares a day that seem to soothe my spirit.

Please excuse the slightly blurry quality of the picture.  I was too lazy to get out a tripod, and I had turned off an automatic setting to adjust for the fluorescent lighting.  The picture does give a fairly good idea of the texture and the colors.

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