Saturday, July 16, 2011

#1 Is Done, but not Blocked

This is a picture of the unblocked Special Olympics scarf—not that there will be much to the blocking, just washing and spreading out flat to dry nicely.  You can see the unfinished mitered blanket in the background.  I really like this yarn much better for a scarf than Super Saver, even though it is somewhat splitty to knit with.

I’m halfway through the second scarf, which is the same pattern—the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Handspun Scarf—but instead of being half and half, the scarf will have alternating quarters of the two colors.  I still think this scarf is a wonderful stitch pattern which seems to maximize yardage use while still making a scrunchy and comfy wearable.  . 

I’m watching episodes of Swamp People, openers of the new season of shows like The Closer and Haven and listening to audiobooks.  The scarves are “automatic” enough that I may try propping my Kindle and seeing if I can do the reading/knitting thing that I keep hearing others talk about, using the read aloud feature to turn the pages automatically.  That process may take more coordination than I have.

We still have had no rain, with daily temps hovering around 100 degrees.  When I went to the grocery store at midday, the temp was 90, which is practically a cold front!

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