Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decluttering by Repurposing or Use What You Have

In the last few months, I have become the proud owner of George, a Hansencrafts Minispinner in beautiful cherry wood.  George also has cherry WooLee Winder bobbins and a cherry Ogle Lazy Kate.  George’s wood is absolutely beautiful, and his design is functional, but he is not a decorative object in the same way that Matilda the Ashford Traveller is.  Furthermore, I am somewhat more protective of George in that he has moving parts that would not be so easily replaced if someone abused him. (One of the beauties of an Ashford is that you can find parts readily or use fishing line, bead lacing, cup hooks and springs from the hardware store.)  George came with an attractive tote bag, but I’m a real klutz, and the person that I trust least around an unprotected George is me!  Therefore, I’ve been looking for a suitable home or suit of armor or something for him.  The most popular choice among minispinner owners, particularly those who travel and take their spinners along or who go every week to a spinning group, is the Zuca bag.  Zuca bags are the wheelie bags that you see the Olympic ice skaters pulling or pushing as they arrive at the rink.  Beautiful bright colors, sturdy frames that double as a table or a seat, and, if you pick the right models, flashy wheels.  The bags and frames are sold separately, so you can mix and match fashion choices.  They are also supposed to fly well.  That’s in a plane, and I’ve wondered if part of that is because the crew thinks they’re flying part of the Olympic Team.  (However, if they got a look at most spinners, they probably wouldn’t think so.)  Zucas are also pricey.

My need was for something sturdy to store my minispinner and accessories and very occasionally take him somewhere for a visit.  A Ravelry entry to the Minispinner group sparked my memory.  One spinner had purchased a portable file box for hers.  I remembered that I had, in my own garage, sitting there taking up floor space, TWO portable file boxes with outdated files I brought home from school when I retired.

This morning, I loaded them into the back of the SUV, drove around to the dumpster, and emptied them.  Then I washed off the cobwebs.  One of the boxes is going to be home to George himself.  I used some open? celled foam packing from another box to make a domed end protector for his switches.  Another strip holds that one in place and will protect his tension knob.

If I were going to carry him many places, I would want protection all around him, but I can also do that with fiber.

Here is George’s home, partially loaded:

That is George, his foot control, his power source, his orifice threader, and his papers, with their attached allen wrenches.  There is also room for one more bobbin and some fiber, and a tiny spinning toolkit.  (I have the box, but I haven’t loaded it up yet.)  My Ogle Lazy Kate would also fit, but there’s not much point in having it in there unless I put in a third bobbin. I do have that flexibility also.

The second file box will hold the Kate, extra bobbins, the car power source.  I do not as yet have a battery for George.  When I get one, I can put it wherever it is needed.

Before you mention that I do not have wheels, I do have one of those wheeled file carts from Office Depot.  This box will sit in that one, so I can pull it along with me when I need to.  In a pinch, the spinner could sit on top of this box just like on a Zuca.  I, however, cannot use this box as a seat, and I’m afraid that I have not worked out a system to replace the flashing wheels, darn it!  However, I’ve spent $0.00, and I decluttered two things—useless file space in the garage and scattered fiber equipment parts in the house.  I think that’s a win!  (Don’t count two more wet skeins of yarn hanging on the oven door!)


Sherie said...

What a terrific solution and great repurposing!!! George looks like he is enjoying his new home.

Deb said...

Love your ingenuity!