Friday, July 01, 2011

Still Knitting and Charity Opportunities

I’m still knitting on the mitered blanket. 

I know that practically everyone out there who knits does some charity knitting, but I wanted to mention two opportunities to knit quick projects.  If you look in the right sidebar of this blog, you will see the link to Hats for Sailors.  It will take you to the web site.  There’s also a Ravelry group. The story of how this project started a year or so ago is really interesting.  A hat is a quick knit, and many more hats are needed for the first deadline in August.  This is a wonderful place to use up an odd ball of superwash wool from your stash.  There are no color requirements, but the Navy requires washable 100% wool as a safety precaution. 

The other project is knitting scarves for the Special Olympics.  If you Google, there is a web site, but there is also a group on Ravelry and a group on Facebook.  Yarns are inexpensive and specified; there are dozens of patterns or you can make your own, and knit or crochet are equally acceptable.  Deadlines and numbers needed vary by state, so check to be sure. 

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