Thursday, August 04, 2011

Avoiding the Unthinkable

The horrible happened to me last week.  I made an emergency trip out of town that turned into a 4-day stressful situation, and I had NO KNITTING.  I really do depend on knitting as a repetitive calming activity to get through difficult times.  The other one is eating, and I don’t need to go there!  I thought of knitting as I hopped into the car, but I didn’t have anything simple on needles.  I knew this would not be a follow a complicated pattern situation.  I needed a plain sock.

Today, I decided to begin that sort of project so that I would have something ready for the next round of this situation.  A few months ago, I noticed on the blog Den of Chaos a vintage child’s sweater that she knitted for her daughter.  At the time, I hunted and found the Coats and Clarks leaflet on Ebay and squirreled it away.  I also knew that I had some Cotton Ease in my stash in the lovely Pistachio color that has been discontinued.  There is enough there for all three granddaughters, and I can differentiate each girl’s sweater by letting her choose her buttons.  Today I decided to whip out that yoke that was only 36 fairly easy rows and then I would have plain stockinette sleeves and body for emergency soothing knitting.  HA!  The lace rows are giving me fits, not because they are hard, but because there is no chart.  It took me forever to learn to knit comfortably from a chart, and now I’m lost without one.  This pattern is particularly frustrating because it is small print and in order to save space, the directions are written in a continuous paragraph rather than starting each row on a new line.  I must compliment this yarn—it stands up well to being frogged repeatedly. I have completed the neck ribbing and 9 rows of the yoke.  At last, though, I am able to read the knitting itself so that I can tell if something is not quite right.  I don’t even want to comment on the idea that this is considered a vintage pattern and it was published when I was a college freshman!

We still have had no rain; the daily temps are regularly in the very high 90s or low 100s; there are thunderhead clouds that develop occasionally just to taunt us, but they move on to the east.

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