Friday, August 19, 2011

A Cricket Nest and Miscellany

I am rather fond of reading blogs about lifestyles in other places, and some of them, such as Milkweed & Teasel, are a source of endless fascination, combining life in another country with outdoor and wildlife adventures.  Be warned:  this post has absolutely nothing to do with living creatures.

My Cricket in its nest:

(If you think this is a cheesy intro, I actually considered photographing it on the hearth, but I would have had to wash down the hearth first, and that seemed like too much trouble when I could be doing something fibery.)  DH helped me assemble the loom day before yesterday.  I was thankful for the Cricket group on Ravelry for some hints.  I am determined not to try it out yet because I’m trying to finish this sweater

first and because I still need to assemble some of the accessories, like brown paper for winding on the warp.  Brown paper is easy to come by, but I need to trim it to the right width.  I am excited about having this loom be a way to share some experiences with my granddaughters.  Note on the above sweater:  If you look closely, you will see one of the things that I love most about my Knit Picks Options set.  I have simply unscrewed tips and screwed on caps in two different places instead of having to run yarn for a stitch holder or having to find a ready-made one that fits.  The yoke is done; one sleeve is complete; the second sleeve is about 3/4 complete, and then there will be just the body to knit.  I ordered the buttons yesterday.  I want to finish this so that I can play with the Cricket and begin a KAL for a sweater for myself on September 10.

I also finished blocking my two scarves for the Special Olympics.  They are knitted from Red Heart Soft.  I will bag them as per instructions, write notes of encouragement to go with each scarf, and mail them to the Texas address.

The first one is done half and half, the second in quarters.  These arrangements give a certain versatility in tying and having both colors show.  The stitch pattern is the One-Row Handspun Scarf by the Yarn Harlot.  I also had enough yarn left to complete 3 small child-size hats for a local charity. 

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Carrie said...

Sorry--STILL haven't measured the child. Can't measure that sweater because the arms are way too long. And now she's napping.

But at least you managed to pose the sweater like a reclining dinosaur.