Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Sayin’. . . .

I know I’ve been complaining about the drought all summer, but it the last few days we’ve isolated, strong thundershowers.

A.  Twice now, I’ve had to drive in almost blinding conditions because the downpour falling from the sky was combining with the manure dust from the feedlot that was coming up from the ground to reduce visibility to the point where one is caught in the “do-I-keep-driving-when-I-can’t-see-or-slow-down-or-stop-and-get-rear-ended quandary.” 

B.  Having learned to drive in the days when the speed of the wipers was controlled by the speed of the car and living where at best wiper use is somewhat infrequent, I found that after not using them for almost a year, I couldn’t remember which way to rotate the little sleeve around my turn signal to make them go faster.  There has not been enough practice to imprint the process into my kinesthetic memory (or whatever it is called.)  And, yes, for you youngsters, wipers really did work that way.

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