Monday, August 22, 2011

Marathon Knitting and Economic Reflections

The knitting and weaving-in and underarm sleeve seams are finished!  The sweater is not completely finished, however, because the buttons have not arrived.  I am also afraid that the sweater itself is going to be too big.  Fortunately, grandchildren tend to grow, and this is pretty much an all-season sweater for our climate, so it should fit sometime!

Please note that I am not intentionally plagiarizing the following idea—I’m just reflecting on something I heard last week on television.  In all the back-and-forth about President Obama’s delaying announcement of his jobs plan and his vacation plans, I heard one female commentator on one of the news channels talking about the “shampoo index.”  Basically, she described it as the fact that times are hard enough that even those people who are considered well off are no longer throwing away their “empty” bottles of shampoo.  Instead, they are letting them sit upside down overnight to get that last squeeze out.  Evidently, those were the only two points on her continuum.  Ha!  I am a member of the group that gets the last squeeze out and then fills the bottle with water to eke out at least two more shampoos for my short hair.  (Works with laundry detergent, too—for the laundry, not hair.)  Furthermore, I know people on line who make their own shampoo, although from reading the lists of ingredients, I am not sure that finances are the entire reason.  I suspect our view of economy reflects our backgrounds.  Right now, I am not actually washing and reusing every scrap of aluminum foil or reusing the plastic bread bag before getting out a bag I had to pay for, but I am thinking enough about it to be aware that I’m not doing it.  Mostly, I’m just trying to think of other points to add to the Shampoo Index.  Perhaps just lather and rinse and giving up the repeat?  (If you want to know what companies are in economic trouble, notice who drops NASCAR sponsorships.  Some of the big mortgage companies/banks dropped off right before the crash.)

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Deb said...

I've always eked out every last drop of shampoo or dish soap or laundry soap! We buy Scotchbrite scrubbing pads, and I have always cut them in half before using them. I think it's from my heritage --- I grew up in a large family with 2 parents whose families were hit hard during the Depression!