Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two WIPs

I finally revived my courage to try warping the Cricket loom again.  I have begun weaving.  There is definitely a learning period, particularly in dealing with aspects that are not covered in the videos.  I had lots of trouble getting the shuttle through at first before discovering that I just did not have enough tension on the warp.  I tightened and tightened, and now it is better and much, much easier.  I am also going to have to fiddle with ergonomics to find the most comfortable position in which to weave.


I also found that I just couldn’t wait to begin the sweater for the KAL.  I have decided on a size for the neck and yoke and bustline area, but there will need to be alterations to other parts which may take me some time to figure out.  Besides, I was spending some extensive time today with Midsomer Murders, and I needed knitting!  The pattern begins with the outside edge of the collar in the pattern stitch that is used for front panels and hem edging.  I finished three repeats:

Otherwise, it was a frustrating day.  A study group that I was looking forward to didn’t meet.  I tried to mail off a Woolee Winder bobbin to Hansencrafts for repair and discovered that the Post Office is now closed from 11:30-12:30, in addition to closing earlier in the afternoon than most places.  I finally connected with the dishwasher repairman, only to discover that he can’t come until after Labor Day. 

Tomorrow, I plan to use a free Amazon movie credit to watch the new Jane Eyre.

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