Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


I am so sorry that all of you in the Northeast are having such foul weather!  We are still really dry down here in spite of the light snow last week.  I read that precipitation raised our annual to almost 1/4 of the yearly average.  I know, however, that too much can be just as bad and destructive as too little.  You have my sympathies.

I have a new knitting tool:

Yep!  That’s an IPhone 4S!  I am excited.  We live in a hole for the other services that provide service for IPhone, but my Sprint account was due for an upgrade.  This picture does not show the color well.  That’s the last white one that the Amarillo store had, outfitted in a blue/blue Otterbox Defender to protect it from my fumbly fingers.  I immediately installed one of the sets of knitting apps—KnitMinder and StitchMinder.  I think they will be quite useful, particularly since the holster for this case turns into an easel.  (I would welcome suggestions for other useful apps.)  However, the best knitting app has been unexpected.  The garter stitch afghan that I’ve been knitting on is now big and covers me from feet to chin, and I just struggled through the intarsia sections.  Now I’m adding extra blocks for a bigger size.  Whenever I settled down for tv or audio book and a knit after lunch and spread that warm afghan out on my lap, I kept dozing off.  (DH said I was “testing driving” the afghan.)  Then I found Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends.  I am trying to play a round between every row.  That keeps me awake, mostly, although I’ve made some rather spectacular game goofs when I’ve gotten drowsy.  I should finish the knitting tonight and the I-cord tomorrow.  My goal was Halloween, so I won’t miss it by much.

I wonder if there are recorded injuries from a knitter falling asleep on size 8 metal circs?

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