Friday, October 21, 2011

It’s big and white. . . .

Actually, it’s not all that big by today’s standards—I didn’t want to remodel a perfectly good kitchen, so this is a narrower fridge with French doors and a bottom freezer.  I am unreasonably excited.  Why?  Well, somehow I have never ever gotten to buy a refrigerator before.  Yes, I’m 62 and I’ve been married for 33 years, but the opportunity has never come up, probably in large part because I grew up with the “use it till it wears out” philosophy.

My first refrigerator was used.  It was in my first house when I was single, and it wasn’t very used.  At that time, my dad actually sold appliances in his small town hardware store.  A customer surprised his wife with a refrigerator—one of the small ones that only had one big door with the freezer on the inside—in a lovely harvest gold color.  It was the ‘70s.  Unfortunately, her kitchen was avocado.  She kept it for about a year and then traded it in to my dad for another.  I got the gold one.  It was an excellent little refrigerator with an icemaker.  When DH and I married, we kept the house and the fridge for a few years, but by the time we moved to our present town, we had two children and that fridge was really small. 

The house we moved into had an almost-new top freezer model.  It came with the house.  I used it from 1984-2003.  It cooled and froze well, but the outside top sweated like crazy, so much that it would grow mildew on the top of the refrigerator.  I finally found out that there was inadequate insulation in the top of the freezer, but I was not the original purchaser and the warranty would have worn out anyway.  I did not replace it, however, because we were starting a business and raising a family and for much of the time I was looking after a sick parent as well.

Then we moved back to my childhood home in the same community.  I gladly gave up the mildewy model for my mom’s side-by-side.  It was, however, a very narrow side-by-side, and it has gradually been giving out on us.  I should mention that it was purchased in the late ‘70s or very early ‘80s, so it had a good run.  For the last few months, it had been freezing everything that had any water content.  I had given up on storing much in the way of fresh vegetables.  Since we can only get good produce by buying when we are out of town and given that gas prices are such that we try to avoid special trips just for groceries, I felt we needed something that would store food safely and something with more interior room.  Besides, getting the milk out early enough for it to thaw whenever you needed some was just a nuisance.  We have also been noticing that when we get a handful of ice out and drop a cube, the floor seems much lower than it used to when we were younger.  Now we will have an ice dispenser and properly refrigerated foods.  I hope.  I have not yet had time to try out this new appliance, so I hope I’m not disappointed. 

Knitting progress—I am making good progress on the Moderne blanket.  The crocheted blanket that I had planned did not go well.  I frogged it after two evenings of crochet.  I have mentally redesigned, and I’m using as a base a pattern that I found on Ravelry that is constructed in the same fashion as the Moderne but with a different pattern of blocks.  It avoids the intarsia sections completely. 

On the subject of the pattern that I frogged--is it just me, or do patterns that are written by yarn companies for objects like afghans, blankets, and scarves sometimes skimp on the size, perhaps in an effort to make the project look like it could be cheaper than it will actually be if you knit or crochet a decent size?

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