Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Plans for Wednesday and Really Random Observation

I have extensive plans for tomorrow.  I am writing them down here so that I will be more likely to do them:

  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Take out some major trash—I have some boxes and stuff that need to go out to the dumpster.
  • Spousal felting session—No, I am not felting my spouse.  In a marathon knitting session made less tiring by watching back-to-back episodes of Bramwell, I finished some new wool slippers for my DH.  His felted clogs just absolutely wore out last year.  I had promised a new pair.  Just as I was knitting the instep decreases on the first clog, he mentioned that he would like slippers with a back and a side, so I switched to the Alpine Boots pattern by the same designer.  That pattern has boots and also some more substantial slippers, and, most importantly, it happens to use the same sole and toe increases as the clogs, or near enough considering this is a felted project.  I have already warned him that since he is retired, I am not felting alone and guessing at the size by holding up various samples of his shoes to try to get it right.  This time I intend to size them to the actual feet, so I have plans for DH spending part of tomorrow with slightly soapy, very warm, wet feet until we get it right!
  • Plan thorough grocery list.

I’ll let you know how this turns out.

Cultural observation—My daughter’s family recently moved into a new section of town.  New to them at least.  This is a residential area with a rather creative street layout, and while I can find their house fairly easily, I am still experimenting with how to get there if I come into the subdivision a different way.  Furthermore, this is one of those sections in which if you go around a sharp curve on the same street, the street name may change.  I always find that difficult.  Last week I tried a new route, drove down Hatfield Street and realized that I had arrived at the intersection of Hatfield and McCoy—someone has a sense of humor.  Then I had one of those English teacher moments.  I knew that in that same subdivision there is a street named Montague.  Aha!  If there is a McCoy for Hatfield, surely there is a Capulet for Montague.  Alas, I can’t find it on a map.  (This is complicated because I have been told that local pronunciation for Montague is “Montag.”  That’s just too confusing.)

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