Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Saturday Report

First of all, here’s some knitting candy:

It’s an adaptation of a Moderne Baby Blanket that I’m working on for a Christmas present.  This project is for an adult, so after the first three-block foundation, I’m increasing each block by six garter ridges.  I’m also knitting with a worsted yarn, Patons Décor, and using larger needles.  I still think I will need to add a border strip before the actual I-cord border to get the size that I need, but that will be ok.  However, I have been knitting so steadily that I am suffering from garter fatigue.  I have another Christmas project to crochet, so I’m going to start it and switch between the two because I know I will feel the same way about double crochet before I’m through with that one!  I will blog my progress on the second blanket, but I will not include pictures until after it is gifted.

I’ve been knitting to a LOT of Netflix.  I’ve enjoyed watching The Murdoch Mysteries and my DH and I have watched a few of the Catherine Coulter historical miniseries based on her books.  The last one that I watched was set around World War I.  I am the child of older parents, and I couldn’t help but think that those lovely dresses reminded me of pictures of my grandmother.  Those were the lovely dresses worn by the shopkeepers in the film, not the aristocracy by any means.  It seems particularly fitting since today would have been Mother’s 103rd birthday.

My sweater is not quite finished.  I still have some sleeve work to do, and I just haven’t been in the mood.  Perhaps I can use that as a garter stitch “break” as well.

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