Monday, November 28, 2011

An Anniversary and Knitting Progress

Yesterday was Daddy’s birthday; today was their wedding anniversary.  I was told that they planned a birthday wedding but an autumn snowstorm prevented their travelling to Clovis, so the wedding was postponed for a day.  They were married in the living room of her sister’s house there, with her sister and brother-in-law as witnesses.  It was 1931, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  There are no pictures of the wedding itself although they did have a very nice formally posed wedding portrait taken after the fact.  However, there is one snapshot taken the morning after the wedding.  I think it was at the country home of Mama’s parents.


There are certainly more attractive pictures of them about the same time period—photos that hint of fun and a little bit of mystery, like this one:


Or this one:


However, when my dad knew that he was terminally ill, it was that first snapshot in the overalls that he asked for and insisted on having it propped up where he could see it.

Knitting Progress:


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