Sunday, November 27, 2011

Expensive Pizza

Have you ever heard the old story that says that “dog bites man” is not necessarily news, but “man bites dog” is?

Yesterday was one of those times.  We decided we wanted pizza for lunch.  Pizza Hut pizza.  For us, that decision entails a 35 mile drive, one way.  With gas prices, that alone adds significantly to the price of a pizza, but we often go to this neighboring town to pick up items we can’t get here, and I did save significantly on the mops and broom that I needed.

I should also add that the winds yesterday were about 35 mph, with stronger gusts.  There was also blowing dust due to the lack of rain.  Neither of these situations is unusual for us.  In the Panhandle if you stayed home on every windy day, you would be a hermit.

Uneventful trip until we got to town and turned north on the street to Pizza Hut, directly into the wind.  One of those signboards made out of fairly heavy plywood flats hinged together on the top blew away from the parking lot where it was sitting and cartwheeled sideways in front of us.  We could not dodge due to traffic, but my DH did hit the brakes and slow us down significantly.  The bottom corner of the sign, which was now on top, hit the passenger side of our car directly behind the headlight, causing a very deep, but fairly small dent.  However, another few inches and it would have been on top of the hood and probably through the windshield.  The headlight wasn’t even broken.  We were very thankful.  And I would just like to point out that this was one case where “I was just driving down the road and that sign just jumped out and hit me” was the absolute truth and not a joke.

Deniability—I have been avoiding my current knitting project because I thought I really messed up the last row of the lace portion.  Last night, I gathered my courage—after you’ve escaped a wayward sign, what’s a little yarn—and checked and counted.  It appears that everything is ok, so I’m moving on to garter stitch today.  (Sigh of Relief)

BTW, the pizza was particularly delicious.

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