Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Finished Project and a Prize

I did indeed finish the afghan on my deadline of November 1—at 11:23 p.m., but on the date.  I plan to wash it for wet blocking purposes, but I’m going to wait until closer to the time to wrap it for Christmas.  This is based on the Mason-Dixon Moderne Baby Blanket pattern, which, of course, is not big enough for a 6’1” man, so I modified by adding six garter row bumps to each block.  In the end, that still was not quite big enough, so I added a side band on one side and an additional bottom block.  I used PurlBee’s directions for an attached I-cord edge.  I did add one more stitch, making mine a 5-stitch edge.  Even though this method is slightly different from what I remember using before, I am generally pleased with the result.

Yarn Review:  This yarn is Patons Décor, an acrylic/wool blend.  I chose it for its washability and because I could get the shadings of a monotone color family that I wanted for this project.  I like the yarn very much, but I think the price point could be better.  I also noticed a considerable difference in the feel of the different colors.  The lighter colors are fuzzier, fluffier, and you can almost swear an angora rabbit had sneaked in somewhere, although there is no shedding.  Some of the medium colors are almost silk like, but definitely not as fluffy.  Nevertheless, they work well together.  The end product is a wonderfully drapey, cuddly, comforting hug of an afghan.  The colors are specifically listed on my Ravelry page, but basically they are all of the taupe family, plus winter white and aran.  I would definitely use this yarn again, but I will check colors on Plymouth Encore first because of the Webs discount.

I have already begun a second Christmas project that I will not be posting pictures of.  My third planned project will be the same, so this is likely to be a rather dull knitting resource for awhile.  Sorry about that!  I do, however, promise to complain about any trials and tribulations I have along the way.  One of them will, I hope, be my first project using knitted-in beads.  I have established that thanks to my mother and grandmother’s hoards, I do have the required tiny crochet hook to place the beads with. 

As you can tell from the sidebar, I use Goodreads to keep track of my reading.  Occasionally, there are offers from publishers or agents or someone for advance copies of books.  Usually so many people sign up that it turns into a contest.  Well, I won:

I like historical fiction, so I am excited.  Ironically, I have made an effort in the last year or so to use the library, electronic editions from the library, an occasional kindle purchase, to save money and to cut down on clutter.  This is a hardback!  I feel as if I have a real treasure on my hands!

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